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Oriental Logistics

A subsidiary of Oriental Logistics Holdings Co. Ltd



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Welcome To Oriental Records Management Ltd.,
Oriental Logistics is a major asset-based, Third Party Logistics (3PL) service provider in Hong Kong which operates its own warehouses, trucking fleet and in-house advanced warehouse management systems.

Founded in 1997, with its headquarters in Hong Kong and having wholly owned subsidiaries and warehouse and distribution operations. Oriental now reaches into more than 75 cities around the world. Oriental provides a wide range of services and has expanded into a niche market business.

Oriental Records Management
  • Offers Systematic Filing
  • Enables Documents Never To Get Lost
  • Frees Up Valuable Office Space
  • Improves Document Management
  • Improves Document Security
  • Provides Retrieval Efficiency
  • Fosters Workplace Professionalism
  • Turn Documents into Digital Storage

Oriental Records Management
  • Store 50% documents more on the storage space required by the market’s standard storage box.
  • Our premises are secure and environmentally controlled.
  • We are asset-based with over 20 years experience in logistics industry.
  • We have advanced Oracle IT and web-based enabled solutions.
  • We provide flexible and tailor-made price plans.
  • We offer one-stop solutions with a variety of value-added services.
  • We have pooled resources and well-developed infrastructure.